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Dear visitors:

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to you for coming to visit the second exhibition of Yushokai in this scorching heat.

In my main blog, I have written many times that my ultimate goal is to let the people I meet in this world be aware of the ideal championed by my calligraphy teacher, that is, “pleasure of calligraphy in daily life”, if only a little.  As a part of my effort for this, I began Yushokai activity and I always try and choose some poems or phrases about the four seasons as materials for each practice session and pieces for my blogs.  Thus, I came to decide to exhibit our works by holding this “Beauty of the seasons” show.

Now, I declare my readiness to continue Yushokai activity.

Also, I would like to return thanks here to various people around me: 

First, to my teacher and his wife who taught me many years with affection and my parents who allowed me to practice in his school for long; my seniors and friends who always give me lots of valuable advice and hints for unprecedented creation concerning this show and our regular practice sessions, as well; visitors at this exhibition and my friends who kindly helped me with its preparation; regular participants at Yushokai practice sessions:  Lastly, but of course, not least, Mr. K. with Tsukuma, paper hanger shop who always satisfies my fanciful hopes about facons of the pieces: 

Renewing my gratitude toward great deal of assistance from the people around me, now I am sincerely and firmly determined to continue my endeavor both at Yushokai and my own creation activities.

In Kyoto, in the season little before violent heat; at the end of June, 2013.

Tomoko Minami <yushokai.com>

<To the homepage of this website.>




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