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The second exhibition of Yushokai happened to be held during I had a number of worries and difficulties in life.  However, at the moment, I am pretty certain I was right to carry out this event.

Just like my other exhibitions in the past, I arranged a couple of my teacher’s works to be displayed.  To my greatest surprise and delight, a few elderly gentlemen came into the venue, only by noticing the name of my teacher on very small strips of paper, while walking on the street and looking into the glass-walled showroom.  Then, I learned both of them were old friends of my teacher’s.  At that time, I not only was surprised but even thought it might be that those gentlemen were there because my teacher called them then and there.

Before that, I had had no doubt that it was I that chose this exhibition room whose interior can be seen from outside and that decided to display the works by my teacher near the entrance.  However, after talking with these gentlemen, I have been feeling that my teacher and his wife who must be somewhere far away and watching over me had made me to.

I hear my teacher was a very strict teacher when young.  However, when I began practicing calligraphy in his school, he was already a genial-looking elderly man who loved me as if I were one of his granddaughters because I happened to be about the same age as his granddaughters were.

It was such a long time ago when I first went to his school.  I don’t remember whether I was a first grader or a second grader in the elementary school, nor even my parents do.  I wrote some episodes from those days in the beginning of the outline of the first exhibition of Yushokai. (in Japanese)

Some of the students in my teacher’s school had to quit despite their hope to continue practicing there because of the big transitions in life such as studies, jobs, marriage and birthing.  While in my case, because I spent a rather uneventful life, though not by choice, I simply continued practicing calligraphy for a long time.

As a result, I was fortunate to be given a Duan inkstone as a remembrance token by my teacher and his wife just like other long students.

However, I now have totally no idea when this happened.  I only remember that it was when they were both in good health and I had no concerns about their physical condition.

Now, what occupies my mind is that it might not have been simple coincidences; that I met this great master of calligraphy when he had already been mellow in old age (I don’t think I would have continued practicing calligraphy this long if the teacher had been very strict); and that I continued calligraphy almost all through my life just because nothing big or serious happened in my life.

I would like to conclude this article by declaring that I have renewed my determination to try hard for as many people as possible to enjoy “calligraphy in daily life”, which my teacher had aimed all his life.

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